We are the sum of our collective passion, vision and expertise. Discover the people, purpose and stories that are helping shape the organization we are today and the one we are designing for the future.

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What We Stand For

We believe that for societies to thrive, we must all hold ourselves accountable for tomorrow. That means creating innovative solutions to the challenges the future will bring. It inspires us to stay curious, act locally, and think internationally. 
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Our leadership

We are built on the strength of our people. Our leaders guide the mission, drive the vision and uphold our collective beliefs.

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Our Story

From our earliest roots in the US over 130 years ago to our vast international presence today, WSP has enjoyed continuous growth and expansion. Each step has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing our communities and environments for the future.
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Our offices

Acting locally means being present in our communities. With more than 500 offices throughout the world and 40 offices in Sweden, you can connect with one close to you. 

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