30 Park Place, New York

Construction is underway on a Four Seasons hotel, restaurant and private residences at 30 Park Place in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York City between Park Place and Barclay Street at the north and south respectively and Church Street.


  • New York, NY, USA


  • Silverstein Properties

Project Status

  • Due for completion in 2016


  • Robert A.M. Stern Architects, SLCE Architects

The 282 m building has a slenderness ratio of 1:10.5. There are several floor set-backs at different locations up the height of the building. The structure is a reinforced cast-in- place concrete construction. The building is supported on columns and shear walls formed around the elevator shafts, staircases and along a few divider partitions between the hotel and residential units. At the upper floors the shear walls are formed around the elevator shafts and staircases only.

Column transfers were required to accommodate the architectural layouts and building set-backs. Some transfers were achieved by using a thicker slab and some were achieved by using “walking columns”, which means introducing one to three story “walls” that transfer the load from one location above to a different location below. The “walking column” system is less intrusive and less expensive than the conventional pick-up girder system.

68 68
282 m 282 m
Slenderness ratio
1:10.5 1:10.5

At the mechanical floor, 24th floor, a belt wall was created engaging all the perimeter columns to the central core via outrigger walls (2 in each direction, total of 8 outrigger walls) to stabilize and stiffen up the building. The hotel floor slabs are flat plate eight inch thick supported by columns (interior and exterior) and core walls. The typical residential floor slabs are nine inch thick supported by exterior columns and core walls, giving architectural freedom to change the layouts without any structure interruptions.