Bringing drinkable water, electricity, sanitation, schools and health facilities to the 6,200 residents of the Nakai Plateau in Laos 

The Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project has spurred irrigation and agricultural diversification for more than 100,000 people downstream.

We performed an environmental and social due diligence assessment of the 1,070-MW plant—the largest cross-border power scheme in Asia. The project included a review of the extensive environmental and social impact assessment and safeguard documentation against the World Bank and Asian Development Bank guidelines. The aid agencies and project sponsors, including the World Bank, signed off on the project in 2005 following the successful completion of the due diligence process.

We initially studied the environmental and social impacts of the hydropower plant and associated infrastructure and the relocation of 16 villages as part of the due diligence process. Resettled villagers approved designs for their new housing and were provided with replacement farmland.

We also oversaw activities during the village relocation and project construction process. Although the hydropower plant is in full commercial operation, the social and environmental protection program is ongoing. We make quarterly site visits to ensure compliance with environmental and social commitments over a 17-year period (until 2022), covering the debt repayment phase.