Väsjön Urban Development Project

As general consultant for the municipality of Sollentuna, WSP is working on an exciting sustainable neighbourhood in Väsjön, Stockholm.

The development involves the construction of approximately 3,800 new homes, schools, parks, squares, a ski centre, open waterways and public transport by cable-car between Väsjön square and Häggvik train station. 

Close collaboration with internal and external teams is essential for the planning, design and implementation of this large-scale project. We have created virtual models of Väsjön to simplify cooperation among the operators and facilitate communication with the public.

Calling on experts from seven different offices in Sweden, WSP is responsible for the design documentation, from the early program phase to construction. The area is expected to be ready in 2026.

Planning for the Long-Term

WSP is working closely with stakeholders to track all stages of the project (planning, design and implementation) and identify the actions the municipality needs to undertake over the next ten years. 

Our mission has expanded over time, with several investigations and subsequent subprojects. For example, WSP has developed overall governing documents, such as a child impact assessment and design and lighting programs, and performed flood scale waterway studies and a risk analysis for the cableway.

Väsjö’s design organization involves about 75 WSP employees from Stockholm, Örebro, Uppsala, Jönköping, Helsingborg, Umeå and Luleå. 

Shaima Saghir and Kristina Wilén, from our office in Uppsala, have their eyes on the roads, streets and, above all, the waterways, because the geological conditions in Väsjö present a big challenge. The new construction will be located on an old clay seabed, which demands new, creative solutions to manage and clean the runoff water in the streets.

“It’s about having a holistic perspective on water issues,” Kristina says. “All the systems are connected, and the water has to be cleaned before going into the lake. We need to think it through thoroughly and test it. It is a leading-edge project in many aspects, where we are developing new ways of doing things, together with the client.”


Building City Sustainability

The municipality has high ambitions and wants to achieve sustainability in all aspects, including socially. This is the reason for the housing mix in Väsjön – multi-family houses, townhouses and villas – representing approximately 3,800 homes in a small, natural, urban environment. The natural setting also gives the whole area a kind of “ski resort” atmosphere.

The small lake will be preserved for bird nesting, but will still be accessible to people in the area. The project will also encourage outdoor activities, with a park and sports field adjacent to the ski slope and space for both spontaneous sports and organized sports activities.

Finally, the neighbourhood of Väsjön will be accessible by an innovative public transport solution: a cable car, with frequent departures between Väsjö Square and Häggvik’s commuter train station.