Modular integrated Construction (MiC) refers to an innovative construction method which adopts Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) technology to allow for pre-fabrication in a factory environment followed by on-site installation of building elements. This approach significantly reduces on-site construction processes, enhance building productivity and also safety. Improvement in construction quality and sustainability can also be obtained as reported in recent projects in the UK, Australia, Singapore amongst others. 

INNOCELL at HKSTP, Hong Kong (Image courtesy of L&O)

As the industry leading expert in the field of engineering and design for offsite and modular integrated construction, WSP are at the forefront of a global revolution taking place within the construction industry to develop new and sustainable methods of construction (read more). 

In Feb 2019, WSP’s experience in MiC pre-acceptance approvals, practical and detail structural design, and advanced analysis resulted in the first MiC superstructure submission approved by the Buildings Department on Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) InnoCell residential institution project.  WSP is serving as the Structural, geotechnical, civil and façade engineering consultant for this 17-storey building with a first-floor transfer structure.  The project is scheduled for completion by end of 2020. 

In April 2019, the community can visit full-scale prototypes of the fully-furnished InnoCell units at the HKSTP, enjoy a sneak preview of the communal area via virtual reality, as well as taking the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to jointly shape the future InnoCell. 


Animation showing MiC

InnoCell prototypes at HKSTP

InnoCell project team members with Simon Wong, Chief Project Development Officer of HKSTP (4th from right at the front row)