Broadmeadows Base Fractionation Facility

WSP is helping CSL Behring deliver a new base fractionation manufacturing facility at its Broadmeadows site, which includes the development of three distinct facilities, to fully integrate the Privigen and AlbuRx facilities into its global supply chain and allow end-to-end manufacturing.


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  • CSL Behring Australia

Project Value

  • AU $615M

Project Status

  • Ongoing


  • Billard Leece Partnership/AMEC Foster Wheeler

CSL Behring, a global biopharmaceutical company manufacturing plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutic products, initiated this project to deliver a new base fractionation manufacturing facility at its Broadmeadows site that would include the development of three distinct facilities: a base fractionation facility, freezer store warehouse and a tank farm. Its construction will fully integrate the Privigen® and AlbuRx® facilities into CSL Behring’s global supply chain by allowing end-to-end processing at Broadmeadows.

Our Approach

WSP works included a site assessment and upgrades to existing centralized utilities including the steam boiler house, to ensure the availability of sufficient capacities for the new facilities, with the goal of optimizing site utility service delivery with consideration for future master planning and redundancy for the site.

The base fractionation facility building design incorporates three modules to operate independently with minimal shutdown dependencies on other facilities. Module 1 & 2, which form the current works, comprise approximately 8500m² of cleanroom production facilities as well as powder handling rooms. Careful planning of the construction stages was required, with future stages of works fully documented and coordinated as phased elements within the design model to ensure minimal facility disruptions upon future expansion.

The freezer store warehouse is a new facility that will be used to store and support the manufacture of intermediates from plasma that are used in the Privigen® and AlbuRx® process. The facility will comprise a loading dock, storage facilities including conditioned stores, ambient stores and freezer facilities as well as a sampling and dispensary cleanroom area. Custom design of ammonia refrigeration systems including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling ensured a robust, economical and tight-controlled system to maintain temperatures within the -40°C freezer facilities.

Outcome and Client Benefits

Using modelling tools such as 3D point cloud scans, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and BIM capabilities of 3D modelling software, we produced highly developed Revit models to ensure fully coordinated upgrades against existing equipment, and minimize downtime throughout facility through careful staging and planning.

With a minimal learning curve, due to lessons learnt from refining project outcomes on numerous, successful project deliveries for CSL Behring, our team rapidly produced optimal results tailored towards site needs.

By remaining flexible and dynamic towards client requirements throughout the project and affirming commitment towards key stakeholders, an accelerated project schedule of completion was attained following fundamental changes mid-way through the project. By maintaining a hands-on approach, our team provided exceptional service throughout, while meeting all deadline goals and keeping the project within budget requirements.