Hong Kong Jockey Club Happy Valley and Shatin Racecourse Facilities Renovations

An enhanced experience  for race-goers.

Founded in 1884, the Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of the oldest institutions in Hong Kong. It recently upgraded the grandstand facilities of its two racecourses, Happy Valley and Shatin, to create more interactive, brighter and more stylish facilities for the punters. These included modernised public and members betting halls, new coffee shops and private boxes. The air-conditioning was also upgraded at both racecourses. 

We were employed in a partnership arrangement to provide the engineering design of the building services. This included surveying the condition of the MEP infrastructure, modernising the lifts, upgrading the air conditioning infrastructure, implementing fire safety improvements and developing energy management and sustainability design initiatives. In addition we introduced a Horse Trakus system. This offers a tracking system which determines the exact location of each horse throughout a race to improve the race viewing experience.