Super High-rise Complex Development located in the CBD area of Shenzhen, China


  • Shenzhen, China


  • Gemdale Group and Excellence Group

Project Status

  • ongoing

The 0.44 million sq.m. commercial/residential development, designed by four international architects including the KPF, SOM, Callison, and Leigh & Orange, will consist of a 380m office/residential tower (133,000sq.m.), various large retails (total 253,000sq.m.), underground car parking and a design museum, and another 180m office tower (60,000sq.m.).

The engineering design for the project will be delivered by an international team  of our professionals assigned to this project. Our UK office is leading the structural and building services schematic design for the 375.5m tower, working closely with KPF and assisted by our China team. 

Our China offices will also lead the detail design of the 375.5m tower and they are also responsible for delivering the building services and façade consultancies of all the other elements of the development, working closely with other three international architects. 

Construction of the project was commenced in 2012 and is due for completion in 2018.