Changing economic conditions, evolving government priorities and emerging technologies are among the challenges faced by public transport organizations today

To stay competitive and effectively manage their rolling stock, infrastructure and property assets, public transport organizations need to ensure that asset utilization is maximized, but without causing undue asset degradation. Only by accomplishing this, is it possible to achieve a successful long-term transport system management. WSP assists organizations worldwide to ensure the best in asset and vehicle management services.

Experts in Asset Management for Rail and Transit Networks

WSP works together with rolling stock, infrastructure, and property owners to optimize the value and life of their assets as well as their effectiveness. We assist organizations by integrating management, engineering and financial decision-making across the infrastructure lifecycle and by giving clients access to highly refined data and “lessons learned” from working with clients from around the world.

We consider the entire asset lifecycle, from level of service or performance standards on through procurement, maintenance and operations, rehabilitation, and replacement planning.

Ensuring that real value, balance sheet value, and asset registers are matched and up-to-date is critical, as they may have an impact on the value and evaluation of an entire business.

Rail Vehicle Management

WSP offers services on both the overhaul of existing rolling stock as well as the procurement of new vehicles for any passenger or freight rail system. We provide expertise in developing technical specifications and procurement documentation, participation in first article inspections, qualification and acceptance testing activities, oversight of vehicle production, commissioning support, and warranty administration.

Our vehicle staff professionals are veterans of the largest and most complex transport agencies and have significant experience working with major manufacturers. We provide our clients with insight built from decades of working in the rail and transit industry, including engineering design, and commissioning for agencies, operators, and manufacturers.

We have experience in all types of rail transit vehicles, from commuter cars to street cars, light rail vehicles, heavy rail vehicles, people movers, electric multiple unit cars (EMUs), diesel multiple unit cars (DMUs), electric and diesel-electric locomotives, and high-speed trains.

Specialized Services in Asset Management

Using asset management as means of business management involves the collection and analysis of data from a large range of fields as well as the development of necessary governing processes. As a result, we link operational, financial and technical elements in order to:

  • Prepare asset management and capital plans 
  • Develop asset management strategies 
  • Establish service level indicators 
  • Conduct lifecycle asset valuation and cost optimization
  • Performance modelling and cost analysis
  • Traffic and timetable modelling
  • Develop and execute process improvement
  • Conduct condition assessment and monitoring
  • Implement energy-efficiency measures
  • Design preventative maintenance as well as defects reduction
  • Replacement and renewal strategies
  • Advise on asset management information systems
  • Realize/monetize assets
  • Risk management/reduction
  • ISO 55000 certification and gap analysis as well as associated asset management system implementation support

Our teams from around the world help to create transformational management strategies for asset-intensive businesses, along with the processes and procedures required to assist in managing these assets effectively.