WSP provides a full range of groundwater, surface water, underwater, and topographical monitoring and testing services to support client project planning and regulatory compliance needs.

Whether working on mining, oil and gas, energy, bridge engineering, or port and marine infrastructure projects, our hydrometry and bathymetry team of specialists can meet engineering and environmental project needs. We ensure strict control and quality procedures and use new technologies to provide more to our clients. 


Through high-precision bathymetric surveys, we can amass data in all water environments, using techniques that provide highly detailed models for shoreline erosion monitoring, mapping of deposits on seabeds, rocky outcrops identification, volume calculations, and for dredging and underwater construction monitoring and surveillance work, and much more.


To design and plan engineering work, we offer specialized topographical services that include topographic surveys to map physical features on the ground and vertical reliefs, precise GPS data collection and processing and digital terrain models (DTMs) to illustrate terrain depths and parameters.


To measure and monitor water flows and levels as well as snow density, our hydrologists can capture hydrological data through the installation of rain gauges, water levels, and meteorological stations to support project specifications and designs.


Our team can collect oceanographic data via meteorological and oceanographic (MetOcean) surveys and the installation of meteorological stations, tide gauges and moorings to measure, analyze and monitor physicochemical parameters (temperature, salinity, turbidity), currents and water velocities, waves, swells, and tides for coastal and deep ocean water projects.

Sediment Dynamics and Current Measurements

Our team uses equipment such as an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) or a Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) to accurately measure flows and current movements (current speed and direction of streams, rivers and oceans) and understand sediment dynamics. Our experience also extends to sediment coring and sampling and ice cover characterizations.