The application of PPP as a project delivery method has been expanding globally. WSP has been at the forefront of PPP planning, procurement advisory, asset management, and its evolution from pure privatization to more complex partnerships.

PPP Planning Support

The public sector has turned to PPP (also known as P3 or PFI) to achieve a range of objectives, for example the simple transfer of commercial risk with a toll road, or the complex sharing of performance risks in a school PPP. As an expert in the design, construction, finance, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, we are uniquely placed to advise the public sector or their private partners on strategies to achieve their respective objectives throughout the life of a PPP project.

In the early planning stages of a project, we advise on feasibility, delivery options, risk analysis, and value for money, utilizing core engineering and commercial knowledge gained from successful delivery and operation of a broad range of PPP projects. 

PPP Procurement Advisory

Preparing for PPP procurement, especially in a new jurisdiction or industry sector, can be daunting. Our staff includes a blend of former public sector professionals who understand this process from personal experience and former PPP developers or financiers who understand the perspective of bidders. We advise on practical aspects of the legal or regulatory issues, as well as pre-developing a PPP project to improve feasibility, and modifying the planning approach to accommodate a PPP procurement.

During the procurement process, we offer our extensive experience which includes both technical and commercial advisor for the public sector and advisor to the private sector. In the latter, we have assisted in bid development, served as lenders’ technical advisor, and as independent certifier/ independent engineer. Our public sector technical and commercial advisory experience includes:

  • Development of the project scope
  • Development the payment mechanism
  • Preparation of the output specification/ performance requirements
  • Negotiating the deal and executing the PPP contract
  • Monitoring construction and operation


As markets have matured, the secondary sale of equity in PPP projects has become more commonplace, with developers seeking to recycle scarce equity capital, and financial investors seeking stable index-linked assets. With our broad knowledge of the primary PPP market and the operation and management of infrastructure assets, WSP can provide Investor Advisory services to buyers or sellers seeking to maximize value with acceptable risk.

PPP Asset Management

Our technical and commercial expertise of PPP models allows us to offer, as part of our asset management services, the management or support of operational special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in a number of jurisdictions. Our hands-on experience of PPP projects means that we have developed a database of projects from which we are able to conduct market benchmarking. We have developed facilities management strategies and whole life cost models using our extensive knowledge of the concession and lenders agreements that govern PPPs.