“As climate change, resilience and sustainability professionals dedicated to addressing the world’s greatest challenge, our time is now. Working collaboratively with WSP’s multidisciplinary experts who support governments, businesses, communities and other organizations across critical systems we depend on is how transformational change happens. And to be at WSP during this momentous time where we are truly walking the walk is incredible.
Emily Wasley
Practice Leader, Corporate Climate Risk, Adaptation, and Resilience



“This is an incredibly exciting time to be leading clients towards Net Zero within their buildings and throughout their organizations. We can now clearly see what a climate positive future looks like! Our focus is on presenting clear strategies, pathways, and decisions that show our clients how they can get from where they are today to that future. The stakes couldn’t be higher.
Narada Golden
Vice President and National Director, Built Ecology



“People, culture, and spaces exist in the future! We imagine and design the future into existence now as we center equity as a guide and touchstone of all work.
Nye Jones
Climate, Resilience & Sustainability Equity and Social Justice Lead 

Lance MacNiven


“It’s a great time to work on zero emission transportation projects because they have the potential to significantly mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. In Los Angeles, we are working on one of the largest and most complex zero emission bus programs in the world.
Lance MacNiven
Zero-Emission National Lead



“The impacts of climate change are already occurring – damaging infrastructure, harming vulnerable populations, and hurting economies. We work closely with our clients to identify priority vulnerabilities and risks and develop tailored strategies and action plans to support becoming climate ready and resilient.
Rawlings Miller, Northeast Lead, Resilience Services,  USA



“Our climate risk analytics and adaptation work integrates the latest scientific developments and engineering methods. We challenge our public and private sector clients to address climate resilience using a systems-level approach and consider the broad impact of possible climate and adaptation strategy scenarios.
Juan Carlos Lam, Director, Resilience, USA

Heather Unger


“Our clients have the future in mind. They are working on topics ranging from reducing carbon emissions, to fleet electrification, to designing healthier and more equitable cities.
Heather Unger
Future Ready and Innovation Team Lead



“There's momentum and interest to center social and racial equity in climate resilience. At WSP, we're working across disciplines to help our clients deliver this vision for their communities.
Allie Reilly