Working at WSP

"It's the People"

At WSP USA, we foster an honest and open working environment where staff enjoy their work and feel like valued team members. The same philosophy is applied to how we work with our clients. What matters to them matters to us. Solutions are tailored based on intimate work with clients, and other consultants and contractors, to ensure the greatest level of effectiveness. If that’s your way of doing business, WSP can help you flourish.

Freedom and Flexibility

To be experts in the built and natural environments, WSP must employ experts in a lot of things. Our people are environmentalists, management consultants, civil engineers, planners, sustainability specialists, acousticians, CAD designers, computer whizzes, and accountants – to name a few. When it comes to services, we are diverse.

We are also part of a large, global business. Our size and breadth of services allows us to offer our people the freedom and flexibility to make their own decisions – whether in their day-to-day work or in ways to progress their career. At WSP, you can continue – or start – building your career path by seizing local and international opportunities.


We're part of a global network of approximately 36,000 people in 500 offices across 40 countries. We're proud that although we're big enough to take on projects of any scale, we're active in markets and communities across the U.S. So wherever you're based, you're not far from us.

WSP offers a wide variety of rewarding career opportunities from working in specialist areas to contributing to some of the world’s most iconic projects. We can provide myriad opportunities to keep your mind stimulated, whether it's designing an iconic skyscraper, helping to modernize a city's transportation network, removing pollutants from contaminated land, or figuring out how to keep a hospital working while we upgrade its power supply.

One thing that we have in common is we're here to find solutions to problems, to make things possible for our clients, to find value for clients, communities and the environment alike. If you're a possibilities person, then we will support you in turning them into reality.


Culture of leadership

When you have talent, you want it to grow. So do we. Our leadership framework enables people to learn and develop the skills, tools and attitudes they need to succeed. Our objective is to have the right people in the right place to meet WSP’s current and future leadership requirements.

We're here to find solutions to problems, to make things possible for our clients, and to find value for our clients and the communities we live in. If you're a possibility person, then we will support you in turning them into reality.



Inspired by Diversity

At WSP USA, we believe that the diverse talents and backgrounds of our people enable us to offer a broader range of capabilities and solutions to our clients. We value differences, and strive to create a work environment in which people are respected for the unique contributions they make to our company and ultimately to our clients.