Access and resilience

We plan places that are prepared for shocks and stresses, to provide everyone with the foundations of health.


Belonging and inclusiveness

Being part of a community isn’t just about living in the same place.


Economic and cultural prosperity

We believe that the best foundation for success is to build on what’s already there.

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Balance with nature

Human health is inextricably linked with the health of our planet. 


Active, connected communities

Our teams embed social, physical and digital connectivity to broaden horizons whilst boosting mobility, health and cohesion.


Listening and sharing what we’ve learned

Health creation is a collaborative endeavour.



How Can We Create A Positive Legacy For Health And Wellbeing?

The pandemic has given a stark illustration of how the built environment affects our health, but also shows the potential for change

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Rethinking Urban Planning in a Post COVID World

Is COVID-19 pushing urban planners to think aloud about redesigning more resilient cities?

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Can Design Make Cities More Equitable?

There are many ways in which the built environment not only reflects but reinforces social inequity. Does the way we plan and design cities need to change?

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What if our cities were more like forests?

What if our future cities could mimic these natural structures and systems? Would they be better, more resilient places?

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What if we can plan cities to reduce health inequalities?

Look around and ask yourself: who is this place built for, and what needs does it cater to? The urban form reveals where our true priorities lie, in terms of housing, transportation or public space. 

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Read more of our insights in (The art and science of) The Possible

The Possible is a print and digital magazine about the future of cities, and all of the built and natural infrastructure that supports them, published by WSP. It’s a place to explore the ideas and innovations that could help create better functioning, healthier, more sustainable places. Our goal is to inspire, inform and entertain, to encourage discussion about the challenges ahead, and to bridge the gap between blue-skies thinking and what’s possible now. What if we can? 

We see the future more clearly

Our Future Ready ® program allows us to better understand what lies ahead. We see the future more clearly through key trends in climate change, society, technology and resources, and we challenge ourselves and our clients to find solutions that are ready for today and for the future.

What is Future Ready®?