Faster Than Evacuation Via The Stairs Only

22 Bishopsgate will be the tallest building in the City of London and the largest office building in Europe, designed to accommodate a maximum of 12,000 people. While retaining the standard fire evacuation route via the stairs, we devised a supplementary system using the every-day passenger lifts to speed up the process in this very tall building. 

More Cost Effective than Fire Evacuation Lifts

Using passenger lifts rather than traditional fire evacuation lifts is an economical solution for a building of this size. Fire evacuation lifts are expensive to install, since they are required by UK building regulations to run inside fire-rated shafts, have a dual power supply and be pressurised to protect against smoke ingress. Furthermore, a refuge or fire lobby must be installed on each floor served by these lifts - a sterile smoke-vented space constructed from non-combustible material. For a 60-storey building with around 300 people per floor, each lobby would be around 100m2, equating to 6,000m2 in total, or two to three floors of valuable rental space.