What are the highlights of your career?

I’m currently in a transition period, relocating from London, UK to Toronto, Canada and changing roles this month. 

I had started working with WSP’s Environmental Due Diligence team in 2015 in London, and soon after I joined the sustainability and climate change team as a Sustainability Consultant. I enjoy working on the strategic side of how we help our clients. We advise on corporate strategy and also provide technical services, such as whole-life carbon assessment.
My most recent and exciting project is my secondment to WSP in Canada to launch Future Ready in the country as well as an innovation programme. I will be helping WSP’s teams across all business lines to see the future more clearly by identifying the trends that will impact communities. Our teams then address these future trends in today’s designs for client projects, in all sectors. 

What do you like the most about your role?

I have found everyone at WSP to be passionate about their roles, and it’s a real pleasure to see the great project outputs they deliver. I enjoy the diversity of people and projects. One of the things I like the most is that I learn something every time I speak to someone, not only when working on a project but also just chatting with colleagues around the office.
What projects are you working on right now?

I am helping airports manage and reduce their carbon emissions and become certified as part of the Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme, of which WSP is the independent administrator. There are 210 participating airports in 61 countries – representing 40 % of air passenger traffic. 36 of these airports are carbon neutral, and it’s very encouraging to see their progress.

As Future Ready Program Manager for Canada, I’ll help +8000 employees deliver projects for the future – projects that are designed to withstand the changing conditions of an ever-evolving environment and to adapt to the needs of end-users, although their habits and lifestyles will change over the years.

I’m excited that I’ll get to support colleagues and clients over the longer term, working with all service lines and continuously identifying trends and their impacts. I want to encourage colleagues to think creatively and innovatively about the work they deliver. Future Ready brings benefits to the community and the environment, to clients and to WSP teams designing Future Ready projects. It is rewarding to give back to the community and to see your project solutions doing good in the world.