Having taken a course on interdisciplinary design in the environment and writing her thesis on the adaptability of buildings for the future, she was approached to lead the rollout of Future Ready for the UK structures business. Six months into the program, she tells us how it’s progressing.

“ The plan is to make Future Ready part of our everyday project delivery process just like Health & Safety or sustainability. But for us in structures the initial challenge was that, unlike for MEP, it wasn’t immediately obvious what aspects of our work actually meet the Future Ready criteria, other than designing for longevity.

So we started to think about what we were already doing that could be considered to be Future Ready practice and to work out how we could communicate the concept to our people and get them to embrace it and proactively incorporate it in their day-to-day activities. Equally important was to work out how we were going to introduce and sell the concept in to our clients. Following a number of brainstorming sessions, three groups were set up to develop our best ideas.