Bermondsey Square in London, UK was completed and went to market just as the 2008 recession struck. Managed by igloo Regeneration, the large mixed-use development features a boutique hotel, cinema, retail stores, a farmers’ market, a world-famous antiques market, and apartments including affordable housing. “What’s most interesting about this development is that Igloo put a restrictive clause in its lease where people could not buy to sell or use it as an investment. It wanted people to stay in the long term, to build a community. Many thought it was a ridiculous idea, that it would never work. But the reverse actually happened. People were so drawn to the idea of it not being a part of a “makeshift” event, of being able to actually put down roots and have a community,” says Snigdha Jain, a London-based Principal Sustainability Consultant at WSP in the UK.