Improving the delivery of care begins at the patients’ home. Mobile device applications streamline the appointment setting process, and provide electronic medical record information and wellness check-ins away from the care facility. From automated travel scheduling, ride sharing, autonomous vehicles, biometric readings on smartphone devices, automated check-in, scheduling, and wayfinding, the opportunities of the possible are endless to enhance care delivery and the patient experience.

Improving the Patients’ Journey to Recovery

The key to enhancing the patient experience and by extension improving treatment outcomes, is to provide care -delivery that is simple to understand, intuitive to use, and promotes the health and wellness of individuals and their supporting families throughout the process.

Even today modern delivery of care begins at home. Healthcare providers offer smartphone applications allowing patients to communicate with caregivers and schedule appointments. In the background however, artificial intelligence (AI) would consider the wait times of all local facilities, time of day and traffic, as well as severity of the treatment requirements and direct the patient to a medical facility most suited to their individual needs.