Gina Giron, manager, FM software services, based in Toronto, Canada, introduces FM Ready, explaining how the service works and the significant benefits it offers clients across a growing range of sectors.

The FM Ready team have been delivering our unique facilities management software and service for 15 years. FM Ready is our own, in-house, web-based drawing and document management system, which we are continually developing and expanding with new features, which we, designed to improve efficiencies in a facility’s day-to-day operations by integrating as-built drawings with a dynamic database. It’s suitable for all clients with complex facilities, whether they are just moving into new buildings or have occupied them for some time.

This is how it works. First, we gather all existing drawings and documents, review and use them to create a master CAD/REVIT model. We then add valuable information as data and conduct a gap analysis for inconsistencies and missing data. Our team also provides consulting services to survey and verify the information on-site, which is then made available to facility operations and maintenance staff via a user-friendly interface with accurate information and drawings. The model is updated as renovations and changes occur in the facility.