Moving Beyond Greenhouse Gas Inventories to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Strategies

With carbon reporting season in our collective rearview mirror, we look forward to this year’s CDP report and are reminded of the effort that organizations expend disclosing meaningful greenhouse gas (GHG) information and climate change strategies.

Every year more and more organizations collect and report energy and GHG data through avenues such as CDP and corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports. Adding to this, organizations are setting targets – science-based and renewable energy – in an effort to demonstrate improved corporate responsibility and improved environmental performance.

The carbon inventory and reporting process yields significant amounts of useful information, but how can organizations leverage this momentum to achieve benefits beyond business as usual and accomplish meaningful sustainability goals?

In our whitepaper – Inventory to Action: Moving beyond greenhouse gas inventories to energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies – we highlight the benefits of developing and implementing a strategic energy management program. The paper details and shares actionable information that organizations can use to evolve their inventory and reporting from an annual accounting exercise to continual improvement in sustainability and energy performance while reducing expenses, mitigating risks and improving brand equity. Download now.

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