Although some countries did not reach carbon emissions reduction targets, each has committed to a low carbon future.

How can we achieve this? There are two possible levers:

  • Increase the use of energy-efficient products or production methods,
  • Increase the use of low /zero-carbon energy sources.

Many milestones in renewable energy have been reached in the past few years. For example, the delivered cost of renewable energy, in many cases, is now cheaper than energy delivered from fossil-fuel sources; and the amount of renewable energy capacity additions now exceeds non-renewable capacity additions.

Moreover, although the global economy grew by about 3% in 2015, global energy-related carbon emissions did not grow at all, according to the International Energy Agency. Some of this is due to efficiency and the slow-down in China’s economy, but the main source is the change in our energy supply with more renewables and a switch from coal to natural gas.