In 2014, One57 raised eyebrows with an aspect ratio of 8:1, becoming the tallest residential building in the city at 1,005ft (306m). It has been quickly overtaken in both senses by 432 Park Avenue, its 1,396ft (426m) height 15 times the width of its base. There are more under construction: 56 Leonard (10.5:1), 30 Park Place (12:1) and 53W53 (13:1). But 111 West 57th Street beats them all with a staggering aspect ratio of 24:1. Rising from a plot of just 80ft by 590ft, it is 1,435ft tall (437.5m).

“It’s almost three times more slender than what used to be considered a slender building,” says Silvian Marcus, director of building structures at WSP in New York, the structural engineer on the project. “It’s going to be a world record. But we are working on others that are going to be even more slender.”