Historical Background

Supplying communities with clean and safe drinking water has been one of the very cornerstones of modern engineering since its inception in the 1800s. It is a task engineers have become so proficient at, that western society at large hardly stops thinking about it. Yet, the water suppliers of tomorrow are facing huge challenges in the growing rate of urbanization, global warming and decades of investment debt. While the willingness to pay for water is low, suppliers with ageing infrastructure are fighting one of their hardest battles yet.

Challenges in Water Supply

Clean water supply system has three key components (apart from the sourcing): the treatment plant, the supply network and the end-consumer. The plant is often a modern and well-maintained facility with the ability to control each treatment process and chemical addition in detail. In comparison, the network is a relative unknown. A large issue with understanding and measuring the water network is the deceptively simple fact that it is underground.