Ross Dillon, Tia Hansen and Bridget Venne are expanding the sustainability, energy and climate change practice at WSP.


PORTLAND, OREGON – Ross Dillon, Tia Hansen and Bridget Venne are expanding the sustainability, energy and climate change practice at WSP USA, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy, as project directors in its Portland office.

“Adding Ross, Tia and Bridget to our staff in Portland brings us closer to clients in the Pacific Northwest while growing our technical breadth and depth to serve clients globally,” said Jeremy Mohr, WSP senior project director, sustainability, energy and climate change. “Portland’s culture of sustainability provides us with connections to many organizations leading in sustainability.”

They are part of a growing team that is assisting WSP clients across the U.S. with their mounting need for holistic advising on all things sustainability, including carbon reporting and management, renewable energy, energy and water management, employee engagement, risk assessments and cost-reduction opportunities.

“Their depth of expertise around sustainability and energy strategy coupled with implementation road mapping better positions us to support our clients as they continue to evolve from disclosure to goal setting to goal achievement and future-ready planning,” Mohr said. “The team balances executive-level advisory experience with technical expertise to develop solutions for the most complex sustainability programs.”

Dillon brings expanded capabilities in development of portfolio-scale energy roadmaps to site-level scale to the WSP team. He provides technical energy management expertise to executives to enable them to implement their sustainability vision. Dillon’s experience in renewable energy, energy performance contracting, and facility management and auditing combine with his data analytics capabilities and strategic acumen to drive the energy management initiatives of Fortune 100 companies. His past and current clients include large grocery and convenience chains, retailers and high-tech firms. Dillon has developed data analyses to facilitate decision-making, including tracking of performance metrics, identification of energy and water anomalies, determination of site energy load profiles and savings potential from behavioral and capital project measures, and life cycle cost-benefit analysis.

Hansen’s return to WSP brings expertise in leading-edge energy technologies, strategic partnerships and community engagement to the firm. Her experience in development and commercialization of renewable energy, energy storage, data center energy strategies and energy efficiency increases WSP’s ability to aid clients in selecting and implementing energy technologies across their facilities. She brings new capabilities in developing renewable energy and community engagement partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities in developing nations. Hansen also enhances WSP’s capacity in energy audits, feasibility studies, demand response and managed implementation of energy efficiency projects. She has deep expertise in clean technology, global microgrid deployment, data centers, project evaluation and project management. Hansen’s past and current clients include Fortune 100 technology, financial services and industrial firms.

With expertise in creating data-driven sustainability strategies and implementation roadmaps, Venne connects corporate social responsibility to corporate strategy for clients. Her experience in sustainability goal-setting, metric development and communication, and data analytics and visualization helps executives develop and refine their sustainability vision. Venne helps clients design and structure best-in-class sustainability strategies, including science-based carbon target setting, carbon neutrality analyses, water-reduction initiatives, resiliency planning and renewable energy commitments. She has additional expertise in renewable energy, facilities and fleet management, employee engagement and reporting and green building. Venne’s past and current clients include technology, hospitality and telecommunications companies; retailers and restaurants.

“Our clients are facing many challenges as they work diligently to demonstrate leadership and goal achievement in corporate social responsibility, while simultaneously preparing for a hotter, wetter, more resource-constrained world,” Mohr said. “Ross, Tia and Bridget join our sustainability and energy practitioners to drive meaningful action in the short term and partner with our clients over the long term to implement efficiency programs, procure renewable energy, report to stakeholders, and adjust strategies to meet rapidly changing sustainability paradigms.”

WSP’s multidisciplinary Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change team helps clients navigate a complex sustainability and energy landscape and unlock opportunities to reduce cost, create brand value and mitigate risk across the value chain, ultimately building more resilient organizations that can thrive in a changing global market. WSP collaborates with clients to develop a systematic approach to identify and implement viable solutions. The result is ongoing cost savings, product and service innovations, enhanced recruiting and retention, and improved relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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