Evans, P.E.

Senior Vice President, Director of Sustainability, Energy and Climate Change United States

Evan Evans, senior vice president, director of sustainability, energy and climate change, provides leadership and direction on a wide range of sustainability projects and programs. He has worked exclusively in the sustainability arena since 1979 and is an expert in energy efficiency, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions management.

Evan provides comprehensive corporate energy management strategies; sustainable energy master planning for urban districts; renewable energy resource assessments; feasibility studies; and due diligence on client energy project investment opportunities.

Among his specialties are combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP), district energy (DE) solutions, and end-use EE. He is expert in the engineering analysis of the full spectrum of CCHP and DE technologies, including fuel cells, microturbines, solar PV, biogas digesters, biomass gasification, and wind energy conversion. 

His projects include both conventionally fueled and renewable energy-powered plants. He has performed technical and financial feasibility studies of CCHP, DE, and EE projects for industrial plants, university campuses, industrial parks, corporate campuses, urban districts, and portfolios of facilities scattered across numerous locations.

Evan is a registered professional engineer and holds an MSc in energy engineering from the University of Colorado and a BSc in urban studies from Southern Methodist University.