Nathan Macek

Deputy National Business Line Leader, Advisory; Senior Vice President
United States

Nathan Macek is a senior vice president, serving as a deputy national business line leader in the advisory group. Mr. Macek has extensive experience performing financial analysis, funding studies, policy analysis, and planning studies for railroads, transit systems, highways, and other public works infrastructure. He has conducted cash flow modeling and uncertainty analyses of capital and operating funding for over two dozen transportation agencies, applying innovative financing approaches to address the budgetary challenges faced by public agencies. Mr. Macek is a specialist in developing financial plans supporting Federal Transit Administration Capital Investment Grant applications for New Starts and Core Capacity projects, including ten projects awarded Full-Funding Grant Agreements with a total grant value of $12 billion. He has also developed financial plans for transit alternatives analysis and environmental clearance studies, federal discretionary grant applications, and Small Starts projects. He has degrees in political economy from Michigan State University and a master’s in regional planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.