Vince Ricevuto

Senior Vice President, Federal Programs and Logistics
United States

Mr. Ricevuto has more than 30 years of experience in emergency planning, response, and recovery operations, emergency power and other contingency services, project/site management, construction management, facility compliance and permitting, engineering, general cost estimating, and project scheduling. He is currently the Logistics District Team Lead under Federal Programs and Logics (FP&L), which is comprised of the Emergency Management Team and the USPS Team. He is currently the principal-in-charge for multiple emergency planning, response, and emergency power contracts, including two previous contracts with USACE temporary emergency power (over $1B capacity) in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma/Maria, the four new USACE temporary emergency power (over $335M capacity) contracts for all FEMA regions, as well as the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery Services (EPRRS) contract. For these contracts, Mr. Ricevuto is responsible for overseeing emergency generator operations and various asset (i.e. light tower, fuel, pumps) deployments across the United States including responses to flooding, tornados, and various hurricanes since 2005 (Hurricanes Katrina/Wilma) and including all US territory OCONUS locations in the Pacific and Atlantic areas. For the USPS EPRRS contract, Mr. Ricevuto has overseen all services performed since 2006 and 4,000 task orders that include emergency and nonemergency activities. He currently maintains professional engineering licenses in over 17 different states and territories, including Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mr. Ricevuto has supported USPS programs since the early 1990’s, overseeing numerous projects in every USPS Area. His understanding of USPS expectations, protocols, facilities, programs and systems has enabled Louis Berger to execute these contracts successfully. Through his own experience in emergency deployments (including the 2001-02 anthrax assessment/cleanups and hurricane and emergency support activities nationally), environmental compliance, storage tank programs, and a variety of other important programs and services supplied to the USPS over nearly 30 years, he has accumulated a broad array of experience that he applies continually to train and guide EPRRS team staff and subcontractors.

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