101 Seaport

WSP USA provided MEP engineering services for the commercial high-rise project at 101 Seaport Boulevard in Boston, which is the home of the PWC headquarters.



  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Project Status

  • Completed in 2015


  • Jacobs Engineering (formerly KingStubbins)

Strategies for Sustainability

The 465,000-square-foot 101 Seaport project had ambitious sustainability goals from the outset: achieve LEED Platinum design and the Architecture 2030 challenge. WSP USA’s MEP and Built Ecology teams worked closely with the design teams to achieve these goals, which are particularly challenging for buildings with all-glass façades.

Our team performed detailed energy, daylight, water efficiency and thermal comfort modeling to inform the design process. An enhanced thermal envelope with triple glazing was designed to combat the challenges of the glass façade. Additional measures included low energy lighting, high efficiency HVAC systems and an energy recovery unit for raised primary air. A 30,000-gallon rainwater reclaim system supplies water for toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower makeup. 

Telecommunications and Security

Our building technology systems team also provided services on the project. Telecommunications infrastructure included pathways, riser spaces, and cabling from the right of way through the building MPOE and distributed throughout the tower. Additionally, our team designed the security system, which provides access control and video surveillance of the site and buildings. A distributed antennae system was implemented per City of Boston requirements in order to accommodate emergency responder radio systems and improved cellular signals.