181 Fremont

A distinctive mixed-use tower in San Francisco’s Transbay Transit District, 181 Fremont stands at 800 feet with approximately 683,800 square feet consisting of 54 stories. It is the tallest mixed-use building west of the Mississippi River. The building’s unique exoskeleton structural system provides column-less interiors comprises 68 ultra-luxury condominium residences and 411,000 square feet of Class A+ office space.


  • San Francisco, California, USA


Project Status

  • Completed in 2018

Innovative design strategies

Our team worked to incorporate many innovative sustainability solutions throughout the tower, including a high-efficiency central plant and air delivery systems and enhanced daylighting, with attention paid to visual comfort.

The team also implement strategies for an optimized façade, improved glazing u-value and solar heat gain coefficients. Greywater recycling systems and other measures will result in 30% water reduction.

181 Fremont is designed to comply with Title 24 and the San Francisco Green Building Ordinance. It will pursue LEED Platinum certification.


Key Numbers

800 feet 800 feet
Gallons of Potable Water Saved
1 million 1 million

A grant for water savings

In addition to other sustainability measures, the Tower is the first approved recipient of the San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s (SFPUC) Grant Assistance for Large Alternate Water Source Projects. The program is providing a $250,000 grant to Jay Paul for installing an on-site graywater treatment system that saves 1,000,000 gallons of potable water per year.

The system collects greywater from commercial and residential fixtures and reuses the treated water for flushing and irrigation within the building.

Approval from both the SFPUC and the San Francisco Department of Public Health was acquired after our team helped prove that the system design adhered to their stringent regulations and requirements. The installation of the equipment along with the low-flow fixtures will result in a total water-use reduction of approximately 50%.

Integrated, automated, optimized

Our technology team designed trend-setting systems for 181 Fremont, employing a converged network approach which will allow for the integration, automation and optimization of all intelligent building systems and equipment. These converged systems enable remote monitoring and control of all building systems in an enterprise-rated secured network.

A distributed antennae system provides a reliable cellular network throughout the building. During design, our technology designers used iBwave software to analyze the obstructions of cellular signals and the strategic placement of antennae to ensure cellular signals are abundantly spread.