Meeting the water demands for one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas presents a number of challenges from groundwater and surface water availability to pumping capacity to quality of water. We aid the city in addressing and maintaining existing supplies and developing additional groundwater supplies.



  • Houston, Texas, USA

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Water Challenges

Houston is a sprawling metropolitan area that encompasses more than 620 square miles and is the ranked 4th in population in the U.S. It is no surprise that there are great demands put on the water supply to maintain the ever-expanding water system. Our team has been supporting the city’s efforts in the quantity and quality management of the groundwater resource for over 50 years.

Well Field Development

Our team has assisted the city in the development and maintenance of its well fields by performing groundwater availability studies in existing well field areas and larger geographic areas to evaluate the potential for adding pumping capacity and selection of potential well sites. As urbanization occurred and based on analyzed data, we provided design services and construction management services for over 30 public supply wells capable of producing 1,000 to 3,000 gpm with depths ranging from 600 to 1,500 feet. Environmental studies were performed for well site property acquisition.

Well Rehabilitation

Over the span of nearly 20 years, we have performed rehabilitation work including preparation of specifications, construction management, evaluating camera surveys, recommending rehabilitation alternatives, formulating pump recommendations and reviewing pump submittals for over 100 large-capacity wells and pumping units.