Community Resiliency Planning

WSP USA partnered with Monroe County, Florida — comprising the Florida Keys — and other stakeholders to develop effective investment processes that consider long-term flood risk.

The low-lying archipelago that extends southeast from the Florida mainland is particularly vulnerable to sea level rise and increasingly severe weather events related to climate change. Recent projections indicate the Keys may experience sea level rise of more than a foot in the next 10 years.

Recognizing this threat to its communities, Monroe County contracted with WSP to perform risk-based assessments to help community leaders make informed decisions to enhance resiliency. Our integrated team of engineers, architects, economists and analysts researched the recurrence and elevation of potential flood events and developed a framework for future investment decisions.

Focusing on county facilities such as roads and buildings, the resulting work generated new county codes for future roadway elevations, assessed storm water needs given rising groundwater, and outlined a methodology for full lifecycle risk analysis on structures. The project team maintained robust communication with the community throughout the process and developed outreach materials illustrating expected future conditions and how the county will respond to ensure transportation infrastructure, water and energy facilities, and buildings are Future ReadyTM.

WSP’s technically based approach helped bridge the gap between analysis and design innovation and provided adaptive solutions to secure the viability of long-term investments.