Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Housing Inspection Services

 WSP maintains a team of skilled professionals to immediately respond to natural disasters at FEMA's direction.


  • USA, nationwide


  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Since 1995, WSP has supported FEMA as a nationwide contractor responsible for inspecting homes damaged in presidentially-declared disasters. WSP is required to respond within 24 hours of any disaster, providing up to 70 skilled professionals for a duration of up to two months, 50 skilled professionals for up to six months, and senior-level professionals as necessary. To achieve the greatest efficiency and security, we maintain a team of experienced inspectors, as well as field incident managers, quality assurance personnel, software development and computer operations staff, prepared to respond to incidents immediately at FEMA’s direction.  These technical assistance contracts ensure availability of resources and personnel with technical skills and expertise for various services, including inspections, cost estimating, and damage and repair assessments, focusing on complex projects that are large, unusual, or have high dollar values. The data collected by these inspections is used by FEMA to determine the type and amount of assistance to be provided to applicants.