Fort Bragg - Simmons & Camp Mackall Airfields | North Carolina, US

WSP designed and built the fuel storage facilities at Simmons and Camp Mackall Airfields in Fort Bragg, NC needed to service a variety of aircraft.


  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA


  • Defense Logistics Agency Energy

Fort Bragg airfields count on WSP refueling services

Simmons Army Airfield and Camp Mackall Army Airfield are located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Simmons Airfield serves the aviation needs of active, reserve and guard forces. Camp Mackall is an active Army training center and the primary training site for Army Special Forces.

The two airfields required fuel storage and handling for a variety of aircraft, ranging from light helicopters to large C-17 transport planes.

The Defense Logistics Agency Energy, a division of the Department of Defense, hired WSP to design and build all aviation fuel storage and issue facilities at the Simmons and Camp Mackall airfields. The construction included two hydrant systems servicing eight heliports.

WSP is responsible for rapid and hot refueling of approximately 40 aircraft per day, using 25 fuel technicians in a contractor owned-contractor operated system.

The services include:

  • Fuel storage, bulk issue and bulk receipt by truck and rail, quality control, fuel inventory management and fuels accounting.
  • A strong environmental safety program, especially related to prevention and mitigation of fuel spills.
  • Cold refueling using a truck fleet owned by WSP.
  • Overseeing facilities and operations conducted to the DoD “Best Commercial Standards,” earning WSP an “Exceptional” rating on the project.