Gates Facility

Our client needed site closure to begin redevelopment at the Gates Development Corporation property. WSP USA was hired as a remediation engineer to successfully close the site to expedite redevelopment.


  • Denver, Colorado, USA


  • Gates Development Corporation

Project Status

  • Completed, 2016

After encountering extensive dense non-aqueous phase liquid onsite, the WSP team used our TerraCert® program to conduct widespread soil, groundwater and soil vapor sampling to obtain a high-resolution reliable data set. We used that data to fully characterize the geometry and magnitude of the plumes, create an innovative design, implement appropriate successful remedies, and then monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

The WSP team confirmed the treatment approach was successful. The key to the success of the project was that negotiations with the Colorado Voluntary Clean Up Program were conducted to demonstrate closure requirements on portions of the property as they occurred during the life of the project. This allowed redevelopment to occur in remediated areas while the remaining areas were treated.


Site closure was achieved via TerraCert® for one of only a few fully remediated chlorinated hydrocarbon sites in Colorado. WSP’s innovative solution allowed Gates to eliminate future liability and to rapidly divest the property for redevelopment for both residential and commercial reuse.