Greenfire Campus

Greenfire Campus takes sustainability to a new level, combining sensible conservation with sustainable ecological practices. It models a new approach to sustainable design by creating an urban ecosystem campus with a five-story apartment building and a four-story, 18,000-square-foot office building with ground floor retail.



  • Seattle, Washington, USA

Project Status

  • Completed in 2014

Informed Sustainability

At the outset of the project, WSP USA’s built ecology team created energy and thermal comfort models in order to inform integrated architectural façade and mechanical design strategies. Working with the built ecology models, the MEP team designed a common ground loop heat pump system which serves both building and enables heat sharing within a mini district.

The office building uses primarily passive heating and cooling, with active chilled beams available for cooling on hot summer days and a dedicated outdoor air ventilation system with heat recovery for use on cold days. The apartment building includes centralized domestic hot water that is served in part by a solar thermal system on the roof. Renewable energy is also generated by a photovoltaic array located on the roof of the office buildings. The project meets 2030 Challenge goals and is LEED Gold certified.

Energy independence is achieved by a mix of uses (office, residential, retail) which provide variable energy demands. This allows heat and energy to be stored and transferred through photovoltaic, geothermal and solar hot water systems which generate energy on site and minimize the project’s carbon footprint by relying on shared energy sources. 


Lighting Design

WSP’s lighting studio provided design services for all site, exterior building and interior spaces for both the residential and office buildings. The lighting is carefully designed to help create intimacy, as well as light each distinctive use and program area. Residences are provided with site entry lighting, terrace lighting and flexible interior lighting.