Hyatt Center

WSP USA provided structural engineering for this high-rise in Chicago. At 700 feet, this office tower is one of the tallest examples of an efficient composite structural scheme.

Creating open floor plates

The narrow curved core walls designed by WSP USA serve to resist the lateral loads. Outside the core, structural steel beams span the core walls to perimeter steel columns, supporting lightweight floor slabs with lease spans of 42 feet and perimeter bays of 38 feet. The result: breathtaking open floor plates, a nearly transparent exterior structure and economic floor framing, as all members are an equal length.

Integrating technical needs

As the first office tower built in Chicago following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, special attention was given to incorporation of blast mitigation provisions. Our team integrated the aesthetic and technical needs to provide a structural solution with a minimal cost premium over a standard technical building.