Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technologies CAL IT 2

This 215,000-square-foot building contains multiple research laboratories, classrooms and media spaces. The program includes clean rooms for nanotechnology work, micro-electro-mechanical labs, immersive virtual reality and ultra high-definition digital cinema.



  • San Diego, California, USA


  • University of California, San Diego

Project Status

  • Completed

Connecting to Campus

The building’s purpose is to focus on the context of telecommunications and information technology as they relate to the evolving internet, nanotechnology, life sciences, information technology and wireless and optical telecommunications.

The building connects to the campus’ 12KV loop system and to the existing communications and fire alarm systems. The main service substations are located in the basement and distribution systems include plug-in bus duct risers, emergency generator, switchboard and automatic transfer switches, equipment connections, user convenience panels and receptacles, lighting panels, fixtures and controls, specialties including grounding, occupancy sensors and TVSS, telephone/data rough-in and wiring systems, audio/visual systems rough-in and long distance learning system, fire alarm and security systems, testing and commissioning.

The site utilities include relocation of a 12KV electrical line that runs through the existing site. The supply and return connections to the central plant utility tunnel are included and assumed to be no more than 100’-0” from the building perimeter. The remaining utilities included are water mains for domestic water and fire; gas main; a fuel oil storage tank; sanitary sewer piping and telephone system connections.