Michigan Department of Transportation Connected/Automated Vehicle Strategic Plan

As part of a wide-ranging technical support contract for connected and automated vehicles (C/AV), WSP USA was responsible for developing a C/AV strategic plan for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), which establishes agency vision and objectives, identifies gaps in current initiatives, and outlines key tasks to help achieve objectives.



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Roadmap to the Future of the Automotive State

As part of a three-year on-call contract to support MDOT’s C/AV program, WSP USA was tasked to develop a strategic plan for the program to more clearly define objectives, identify gaps in current activities, and to establish and action plan for further investment. The plan establishes a vision for the role of C/AV within MDOT, and outlines a range of actions to be undertaken by the department and program partners to further MDOT leadership in CAV, including creation of a streamlined process for partnership evaluation, addressing data governance, developing design standards, and furthering development of key vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) applications. The plan also describes engagement in national research initiatives which address larger departmental challenges, such as geometric design changes, revenue impacts and the incorporation of CAV in planning and forecasting activities.

In addition, in support of overall program objectives, WSP has led a wide range of activities, including the development of concepts of operations for multiple priority V2I applications, helping to develop a new traffic signal controller specification to support V2I communications, and developing design guidelines for infrastructure deployment.