Minnesota Department of Transportation Connected Corridor Program

WSP USA was selected by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to plan and design the Connected Corridor, a vision for a key regional arterial to be outfitted with connected vehicle (CV) communications infrastructure enabling the exchange of information with nearby vehicles.



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Bringing Smart Roads to Minnesota

This vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, deployed at traffic signals, will allow for deployment of a number of applications to improve the safety and efficiency of roadway users. MnDOT has selected the TH-55 corridor between downtown Minneapolis and I-494 as the initial location to deploy this technology. In addition, ramp intersections along the parallel I-394 corridor may be outfitted with CV infrastructure to allow for additional applications related to integrated corridor management.

The backbone of the Connected Corridor project will be the broadcast of Signal, Phase and Timing (SPaT) information to vehicles directly from traffic signal controllers along the corridor. SPaT data can enable a number of high-value applications that have been identified as initial use cases for a national CV deployment. In addition, MnDOT will be developing the communications infrastructure and data management systems to support a range of existing and future technologies. The data exchange system will enable the merging of data from multiple sources, as well as the sharing of agency data with third parties, to improve information-sharing and enable more efficient system management.