Minnesota Department of Transportation Connected and Automated Vehicle Strategic Plan

WSP USA is supporting the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) in establishing strategic direction for its connected and automated vehicle (C/AV) program, and determining how the department should plan for and address C/AV across the organization.


  • Minnesota, USA


  • Minnesota Department of Transporation

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Bringing Smart Roads to Minnesota

 The strategic plan addresses nine key questions identified by MnDOT in terms of how C/AV will impact the department and partner agencies, and relies on a scenario planning exercise to consider multiple policies designed for the most positive outcomes. The project is driven by extensive stakeholder outreach, covering a range of state agencies and outside stakeholders. In addition, WSP is facilitating a series of 10 stakeholder workshops to review scenarios and consider policy and tactical recommendations. The plan supports reporting as required in an executive order that established a Governor’s Council on C/AV.