Minnesota Department of Transportation Connected and Automated Vehicle Strategic Plan

WSP USA worked with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) in establishing a strategic direction for its connected and automated vehicle ( C/AV) program and determining how the department should plan for and address C/AV across the organization.

Bringing Smart Roads to Minnesota

 The strategic plan addresses nine key questions identified by MnDOT related to how C/AV will impact the department and partner agencies: capital investm ent, research and development, partnerships, regulation and policy, operations and maintenance, strategic staffing, multimodal connectivity, communicatio ns, and long-range planning.

This WSP-led project was driven by extensive stakeholder outreach and collaboration that included transportation experts, communities, and the public in e xtensive research, workshops and analysis to prepare for advancements in technology and mobility. The team facilitated a series of 10 stakeholder worksh ops to review scenarios and consider policy and tactical recommendations. The plan supports reporting as required in an executive order that established a Governor’s Council on C/AV and will guide the agency’s investment and policy decisions as C/AV technology continues to advance.