Neopark Campus, Warsaw

Neopark Campus is an office complex comprising two modern five-storey buildings strategically located in a vibrant and accessible area in the south of Warsaw. Throughout the surrounding campus, jogging paths, cycling routes and fitness clubs have been designed, along with large green spaces, terraces and leisure areas providing employees with a pleasant environment and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Commercial Campus Meets High Sustainability Rating

The building’s interior also focuses on employee wellbeing. The glazed façades optimise daylight and thermal comfort, while the material selection for the tilting windows prevents overheating and allows for natural ventilation throughout the office, reducing the need for air conditioning. The architectural features of the campus, the modern look and high-standard finish, contribute to creating a desirable workplace.

Flexibility is an important feature of the building which was designed to be easily adaptable to the needs of each tenant. The indoor space of these Class A offices can be transformed from open plan layout into closed offices and vice versa. Thanks to the high ceilings and raised floors, the building’s systems can be easily reconfigured to meet tenants’ changing needs.

Neopark office complex, Warsaw

Acting as mechanical and electrical engineers and BREEAM certification consultants on the project, we designed systems such as internal and external lighting that includes sub-metering for tenants so they have control over their own energy consumption and can rapidly implement solutions to reduce waste or improve usage, if necessary. Low-flow water fittings were installed to minimise water usage in all restrooms, while water leak detection systems were designed to prevent water wastage that could be costly for tenants. The innovative solutions used in this project led to the award of a BREEAM certificate with an ‘Excellent’ rating.

Through our multidisciplinary design approach, we achieved an efficient design process, with the sustainability team assessing the technical solutions developed by our mechanical and electrical teams. This enabled the building to achieve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs while providing a comfortable work environment.