NOAA Inouye Regional Research Center

The new Inouye Regional Research Center was dedicated in December 2013. It showcases sustainable adaptive reuse of two World War II-era hangars directly involved in the 1941 attacks on Pearl Harbor.



  • Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Project Status

  • Completed in 2013


High Performance Design Strategies

This 300,000-square-foot marine animal research facility includes multiple laboratories, open/private offices, administrative support areas, food service areas, exhibition spaces, an auditorium, training rooms, a library and a computer room/data center.

The LEED Gold certified project showcases various high-performance design strategies, such as the Hawaiian trade winds and air buoyancy instead of fans to generate ventilation, carried throughout the building with an underground air distribution system; the temperate waters of the ocean to provide cooling and fresh water; a skylight diffuser system that virtually eliminates the need for artificial light during the day; and a gray water capturing system is used to irrigate the native landscaping. The building also makes use of passive chilled beam air conditioning.



Integrating Daylight and Architectural Lighting

The Center's lighting system performs at 30% below the ASHRAE baseline, and uses a heavy emphasis on daylighting. Exterior site lighting design minimizes light trespass and focuses user attention out at the adjacent ocean and mountain views.