Northeast Corridor (NEC) FUTURE

The 1,176-mile Northeast Corridor (NEC) rail line traverses the United States' busiest and most populated region, connecting Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, New York, and Boston MA.


  • Northeast Corridor (Washington to Boston), US


  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

Project Status

  • Ongoing

Long-Term Vision for Growing the Northeast Rail Corridor

Used by over 250 million intercity and commuter passengers each year, demand for additional rail services is expected to grow significantly.

NEC FUTURE defines how the Northeast Corridor will accommodate growth over the next 25-50 years, supporting the region’s economy and keeping it vibrant and competitive. NEC FUTURE includes a strategic plan for growth, a Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, and a Service Development Plan.

Key Numbers

457 miles 457 miles
Passengers per year
250 million 250 million
Passenger railroads
9 9

Innovative Engineering

Our team delivered the following:

  • Long-term vision for expansion of the NEC
  • Implementation plan
  • Guidelines for advancing key projects and ensuring consistency of future work with the corridor-wide vision
  • Leadership role for the FRA in future decisions regarding investment on the NEC

Examples of noteworthy innovations include:

  • Corridor-wide service plan to model and test consolidating the operations of nine passenger railroads and four freight operations
  • GIS-based resources and service planning, supporting visual mapping of key issues, resources and route options
  • New NEC modal preference model encompassing intercity and regional travel demand model
  • Identification of operational efficiency enhancements that can improve rail service and operations, and reduce capital and operating costs
  • Visualizations/animations to support public meetings/hearings
  • Detailed and interactive project website (