Located in downtown Boulder, PearlWest employs cutting-edge green building techniques and technology to produce a 175,000-square-foot, mixed-use development which combines office and retail space with restaurants, a theater and a public roof deck.


Meeting High Sustainability Goals

WSP’s built ecology team worked closely with the overall project team to ensure PearlWest met two lofty goals: LEED Platinum Certification and adherence to the City of Boulder’s stringent energy code, which requires 30% above IECC 2012. Our solutions included a high performance envelope, daylighting solutions, onsite photovoltaics and water efficiency strategies.

Our team provided comprehensive design assistance, energy modeling, daylight modeling and commissioning services. In addition to achieving LEED Platinum Core and Shell certification, our LEED coordination efforts helped establish a building energy monitoring and feedback system, including dashboard visualization.  

Analysis to Drive Results

Our analysis of energy conservation measures helped to assess the energy and carbon impacts of various design decisions. For example, we demonstrated the impact a photovoltaic (PV) system could have on minimizing building electric demand, resulting in the installation of on-site PV. Further, our energy modeling efforts demonstrated the building’s compliance with the City of Boulder’s energy code, a crucial requirement.