Pendleton Multiway Boulevard | Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

The USACE asked WSP to provide the planning that would convert Pendleton Blvd. to a stately promenade, connecting a wide variety of base activities.


  • Washington, USA


  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Project Value

  • $18 million

Multiway boulevards help to balance the increasing demands of roadways, parking, pedestrian amenities, bicycle access, business/retail access, and the environment.

Located in the historic district of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the Pendleton Avenue Multiway Boulevard project provides through-lanes, tree-lined medians, pedestrian-enhanced streets, and adjacent access lanes for parking to significantly improve the area.

This project was selected to be part of a pilot project for “Sustainable Sites,” a program designed by the Sustainable Sites Initiative, a national organization created to develop guidelines and performance benchmarks for sustainable land development practices. As part of a sustainable design approach, the project incorporates rain gardens, previous pavements, infiltration, landscaping, pedestrian-focused design, and phased development.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers asked the WSP team to provide the technical services required for a 35 percent design submittal to convert Pendleton Avenue to a five-through lane multi-way boulevard with dedicated side access lanes. The team began the process by conducting a charrette to consult with all major stakeholders to identify potential conflicts of interest. 

The project also included site survey, landscaping, lighting, intersection design, anti terrorism and force protection requirements, utility relocation to existing buildings, and road and sidewalk upgrades. The WSP team included airfield clear zone and accident potential zone development restrictions, construction phasing, and contractor staging in the 35 percent design package.