Performance Based Highway Maintenance in Michigan

WSP USA has been working alongside the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to implement a performance based approach for highway maintenance operations across the state.


  • Lansing, Michigan, USA


  • Michigan DOT

Project Status

  • Completed in 2018

We have assisted MDOT in establishing the business requirements and procuring a transportation asset management system.

Our work has enabled the client to fundamentally change the way it does business in a fiscally constrained environment through better management of Michigan’s highways. The WSP team utilized local and international experience in the implementation of performance based contracting for outsourced highway models and applied them to maintenance delivered internally by MDOT and its partner agencies.



WSP worked with MDOT to define a highway maintenance outcome monitoring system. 

Our Approach

The scope of the project included:
• A review of existing practices and identifying opportunities for improvement
• A review of highway maintenance cost data to assess its use for life cycle analysis
• Working with MDOT to define a highway maintenance outcome monitoring system, and training the teams on how to operate the system
• Designing and implementing quality assurance processes
• Working with MDOT to leverage monitoring system results to influence future work planning decision making
• Working with leadership to identify additional funding for performance based highway maintenance activities
• Defining desired levels of service outcomes linked to organizational objectives
• Creating a road map and briefing notes to guide future enhancement of the system by MDOT
• Reporting outcomes to leadership as a basis for future funding decision making

This project will lead to more consistent levels of service relative to highway network performance, enhanced transparency and accountability from both MDOT and its highway maintenance service providers, and more visible value-for-money through maintenance delivery time and cost savings.