Queen Creek Tunnel

A new LED lighting system improves operations and the motorist experience while driving through this U.S. 60 tunnel. 


  • Superior, Arizona


  • Arizona Department of Transportation

Project Value

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Project Status

  • Completed
The existing tunnel lighting system at the Queen Creek Tunnel was replaced with a new LED lighting system with adaptive daylighting controls, maintenance monitoring and energy controls—the first tunnel in the U.S. to fully employ this technology. WSP provided preliminary and final design and construction services for the lighting and controls for the tunnel and approach road.

Applying these systems to the Queen Creek Tunnel was intended to reduce the frequency of routine maintenance at the tunnel (and associated lane closures), while improving visibility (increasing the lighting level to the current design levels determined by Federal Highway Administration and Illuminating Engineering Society) to provide improved highway efficiency and safety along U.S. 60.  

The adaptive control system will achieve these benefits while reducing energy consumption by continuously adjusting the tunnel lighting levels to match ambient conditions and controlling the output of the lighting based on the operational condition of the LED luminaires.  

This project was funded by a $1 million federal grant based on the proposed adaptive technology. WSP prepared the grant proposal for this innovative control methodology. Construction was completed in 2016 and testing and system calibration have been completed.