Stone34 is a 120,000-square-foot mixed-use office building in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. The LEED Platinum, five story building’s design was guided by the City of Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Program, one of the most stringent green building certifications in the world.




  • Seattle, Washington, USA

Project Status

  • Completed in 2014

Integrated Design for Enhanced Sustainability

WSP USA worked with other members of the team to implement an integrated design approach, focusing on energy conservation measures in order to meet the energy-use goals rather than expensive on-site generation strategies. The building design was optimized to reduce heating and cooling requirements while providing natural daylighting and indoor environmental quality.

Several innovative technologies were implemented to meet the project goals, including chilled beams, phase change material thermal storage, advanced energy metering/sub-metering and occupant dashboards, tenant guidelines for high performance, 100% outdoor air ventilation with heat recovery, and net-zero water systems design. The interior lighting strategy focused on ambient and task lighting.

Meeting Parameters for the Living Building Pilot Program

Seattle was the first city in the United States to incentivize living buildings with a pilot program, which encourages the development of highly sustainable buildings under strict guidelines.

Per the parameters of the program, Stone34 uses 75% less energy than typical buildings and captures nearly all water used in the building on site. Stone34’s adherence to the requirements was verified with a 12-month post-occupancy verification phase.

The Impact of Human Awareness

In addition to green design features, Stone34 is equipped with technology to inform occupants of their level of energy consumption, exhibiting the impact of human awareness on reducing energy use. By integrating the green systems fully with both the buildings and the occupants, the project demonstrates the power of humans and technology for highly sustainable results.