Tank Hill District and Silver Wings District Area Development Plans, Fort Rucker, Alabama

WSP developed four ADPs for two Fort Rucker districts, which focused on the consolidation and improved transportation  between key functional areas.


  • Alabama, USA


  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

WSP developed ADPs for the Tank Hill and Silver Wings Districts at Fort Rucker, Alabama. These two districts comprise the main cantonment of the installation, and include academic campuses, enlisted housing, personnel support services, community support services, recreation and retail. The ADPs reinforce campus structure through consolidation of functions and transportation improvements while creating a clear framework for organization of existing and future capacity around a new network of multi-modal trails and greenways. The four plans were developed in accordance with UFC 2-100-01, Installation Master Planning, and each included a Facility Occupancy Verification Survey to identify candidates for consolidation, demolition and renovation over the next 20 years. Each plan also included GIS analysis of environmental, cultural, and operational conditions, and development of final plans and reports. The phasing of development and coordination between ADP area stakeholders and installation leadership was key to developing an executable plan. The implementation plans in the ADPs identify phasing and funding paths for each project.