Formerly known as Caja Madrid, the 55-story office tower is located on the site of the former Real Madrid training grounds. While originally designed as a headquarters, the movement of service cores to the edges of the plan enables flexibility for subletting of space.



  • Madrid, Spain

Project Status

  • Completed


  • Best Large Structure Award, SEAOI, 2008



The structural engineering team at WSP USA worked closely with Foster + Partners to create an astonishing column-free tower base by supporting the entire weight of the building on only its two end cores. These heavily loaded cores also allow the slender tower to efficiently resist wind loads.

To achieve the tower’s unique structure, steel trusses at intermediate mechanical levels channel loads from the floors above to the cores, and serve as beams in a mega-frame to stiffen the tower. Special attention was given to redundancy, ensuring structural stability should localized damage fail components of these trusses.



Key Numbers

820 feet
Height-to-Width Ratio